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Busy Business prides itself on efficient and having a great team of liked minded people that can provide value to the company and our clients.We are a small consultancy business and believe in quality over quantity so if you fit any descriptions below we would love to hear from you.

Social media

We are looking for a tech savvy and inventive social media consultant who can deliver effective campaigns and follow

trending topics in a variety of industries. Social media is a lot more than posting on your profile it is the hub of millions of potential customers.

We want you to be a content strategist who understands the channels of social media and get big shares,traction and brand awareness from the work you put into your campaigns. you will have the guidance of our SEO Consultant to make sure you maximize on organic search.

PR Consultant

We want a newly developed PR consultant who understands the online principles of Public relations. you will need a good eye for spotting opportunities and creating awareness. This involves highly creative writing skills and journalism experience would be beneficial.

Being a good PR consultant is about building great relationships with companies and really understanding the client’s business you are promoting. if you have the skills you think we are looking for then send us some examples of the work you have done.

Content writer

We have spent years of analysing what makes good content and how effective someone’s style of writing can be for organic SEO. So this position is suited to someone who can relate to the importance of shareability in an article and how this can beneficially for gaining traffic.

We want someone with a minimum of 2 years experience and previous examples of work you have done that have created popularity through social media and blogging.

If this is the position for you then reply with an example of how we could of made this job position more interesting??

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