About our Web Design

We appreciate that every website is different and that’s why we will take the time to get to know you and your company before we help you choose the right package for your business.  If you feel like our packages are not a perfect fit then we will be happy to design a bespoke marketing campaign that will suit your needs.

what do you want from your website

We can create the most beautiful clean responsive website in the world but it doesn’t matter if you hate the colour and the way its laid out. The most important part of our process is finding out what you like and how you want it to look and then from the best of our knowledge we will build your site using market trends so its easy to navigate and serves a purpose. All our sites come complete with social media packages to get you started on your online presence curation.

We make sure your website is:

mobile friendly – on all platforms

Gives customers useful information.

Hosting Includes:

one year free

Unlimited Business email

Unlimited web space

24/7 support

Introduction to Web Design

Getting started: We book you in for a 30 – 45 minute consultation where you will send us a few examples of websites you have seen and from that we can filter out what parts of the design you like the most.

Updates: There is always a risk of your site crashing or getting hacked or even something in the system not working to its full potential. we recommend that every month you keep wordpress and the plug ins updated.

Logo: If you are a new business or looking to re brand then give us an insight into what you want. sit down with your work colleagues and draw something on a bit of paper and send it to us. It doesn’t matter what it looks like it just gives an idea of what to work from.

Building your Online brand: keeping consistency in your pricing, colours, fonts and design all help create brand awareness and make your business snowball through the market.

Self Management: we provide a 30 minute introduction to your website when the handover takes place so you can get a chance to make changes in real time with an experienced developer talking through the process with you.

Payment & Delivery: 50% deposit with a 21 day estimated time of delivery. customers must supply content and pictures within 7 days of us receiving deposit. you may have a maximum of 3 sets of amendments to your website within a 10 day period. Please see terms and conditions for more information.

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