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we want to get to know your business and every aspect of what you are trying to achieve. Building a website is much more than being technically able and requires a bullet proof process that enables us to market your services,product lines, unique selling points all within a few seconds of a customer visiting your website.

Understanding your business is crucial for web design success. And is massively overlooked in the digital marketing world, most web design agencies can offer your website for as low as £500 and it normally involves copy and pasting your content and pictures into a templated thing and sending it back to you.

We use the first part of our process as discovery time this enables us to find out about the operations of your business and market them in a way that is can create your own unique brand awareness.

How long does it take

once we have all the information about business we will put together what is called a wireframe. I wireframe is a off-line design that you can view before we start building your website. This gives you the chance to comment on colours, layout, information, pictures and anything else that you feel you want to add or change.

After your approval with the graphic design we will then go ahead and start building your website. The average website the small to medium-size businesses takes around three days to build and one day to optimise so that is fully compatible on mobile, tablet and multiple browsers.

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