What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is something that most people underestimate and when done incorrectly can seriously confuse Google when crawling your site and loose value to your end users. For most customers the Technical part of our SEO process is daunting and customers would rather not know what happened and just look at the results, but this shouldn’t be the case.

We explain to our SEO customers what technical issues we have found when auditing your site and as part of this process we will be also making the changes needed as well as providing you with client facing reports that make the technicalities easy to understand showing you the examples of what best practise is and what isn’t.

How does it help you?

With our detailed explanations on our SEO reports and talking you through the technical changes we have made to your site this will help educate your Knowledge on SEO and massively help you grow your business and give Google a better understanding of what your business does.

Google is a search engine that crawls your site looking for information and has constantly developed and changed its algorithms over the years. Many years ago companies used to be able to use little skill and black hat techniques to hit first page but now with algorithms such as panda and penguin it’s become a lot smarter.

What we do

We manually go through your site and identify anything that is missing, causing errors, and just shouldn’t be there. It’s no secret that SEO is a dark art and it is extremely hard to trust any agency but by educating our clients at the same time as doing the work we have built up a whopping 95% client retention rate.  see what our clients have to say.

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