Our initial SEO consultation is free!

This initial consultation gives you time to pick our brains and find out how comfortable you are with our methods and suggestions. We have been known to give brutally honest advice that sometimes can work against us where we have told companies that organic SEO is just not the best marketing method for their business and by giving that advice has massively helped them in the long run.

Our first consultation with you will last up to one hour and will be held by our head SEO consultant Warren Hill who will be your account manager and consultant throughout the whole process.

How much time do you need?

This question often gets brought up in the initial consultation and normally falls down to your marketing budget and how much you can comfortably afford. SEO is not something that can be bought off the shelf and shouldn’t be done for a couple of hundred pounds a month.

The companies that charge little money and offer page one guarantees are normally the companies that give SEO a bad name and have hurt small businesses of today. If you imagine that there are 10 positions on page one and hundreds if not thousands of companies are trying to get there. Do you really think £200 is going to make an impact on the time and resources your company needs? See our prices

We as a company are not looking to make a quick buck and will certainly advise you against taking services that are looking too. The reason for this is we look at the life time value of a customer and once you start making more money and see a big difference to your business you will want to know what else we offer.

Potential customers in the past have even sent us proposals before signing up just to get our opinion and it normally helps make their final decision.

Our consultancy starts at one day per month and SEO prices average from £500 a day to £10,000 a month.

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