The initial consultation.

This is where your campaign or account manager will take time to understand your business and your site. We can advise on what can and can’t be achieved with your budget as well as answering questions, but also us finding out about your site. Your honest answers will lead to more accurate advice and help so this is where it all starts really. It’s here where your goals and SEO strategy will be formed and planned so it’s crucial to spend some time on this.

An SEO company working blind without relevant information is less likely to get you results.

Budget v Target

It might seem obvious, but if your budget is limited and your site is new (having no links, age and very few pages of content) then we will not advise on aiming for the stars. We have to have realistic targets and weigh up what that will likely give you in return. In short, the better your marketing budget, the more work we can do so the more results can be achieved.

There is also a minimum amount of SEO that creates a threshold below which it might be pointless. Spending £100 pcm to market your site will almost certainly be wasted, whereas a minimum of £300 pcm can achieve results over time. A good SEO company will be honest about this and not take your money regardless.

Transparency and Reporting

Whilst this is not necessarily connected to results, it will play a big part in the trust you have in your marketing partner. Results are not immediate so you have to know that your money is being spent wisely and that results are being measured in a simple understandable tangible way.

Being overloaded with crazy spreadsheets, numbers and jargon will more than likely confuse you and mask the fact that the work being carried out (if any at all) is of a low quality.

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