About Our Prices

Our prices are based on a set amount of hours dependent on how many hours your business needs. We don’t tie you into lengthy contracts and we are completely transparent with our proposals.

The majority of our clients have been faced with challenges from previous SEO Companies so we have created three different options of packages that clearly state what we will do for your company with the options to scale up or down depending on your budget.

We can work with you or your marketing team on an ad hoc, hourly basis to take a closer look and what solutions we can provide with your SEO.

All of our prices include development, consultation, and research time to give you a hassle free process and keep everything under one roof. We are a small and local company based in the heart of Brighton working with companies throughout the UK.

Skill Hour (£)  Day (£)
Strategising / planning 50 400
Optimisation (on page) 60 450
Web design 45 350
Content creation 50 400
Link building 60 450
Google Analytics – Analysis 100 650
Ecommerce – Analysis 120 800

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