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Niche edit links can help you get more traffic and improve the visibility of your website. However, there are some well-kept secrets we need to uncover to gain the best results. So, let’s find out how to do it properly, and check out some interesting examples.

What are niche edits?

Niche edits are a link-building tactic that adds links to existing blog content. Some call it lazy link building, where instead of pitching a topic to the editor and writing it, you just ask the editor to add your link somewhere on their blog. Preferably, the link builder should know how to find the right spot for a backlink to avoid making it look unnatural.

Niche editing is also called link inserting, and some link builders call links created with niche editing curated links. After you add a link to a particular website in your niche, search engines like Google will pick this up as a signal that your website is a credible source of information. This means you will get a better position on Google in a month or two when crawlers go through that backlink.

There is also an option in which link builder can offer the whole paragraph with a backlink to be added to the existing blog post. This way, the link builder can be sure they will get the opportunity to use the keyword they need. 

In summary, you do niche edits whenever you edit older posts by adding external links. No matter if that is done on your website or if you manage to do it on someone else’s website. 

Can niche edits be used to build links safely?

Niche edits are considered a white hat backlink strategy, which makes them safe to use at any stage of the link-building process. The only thing your team should be careful about is the diversity of anchors that you use in your campaigns. Make sure you are not creating niche edits only for one anchor, and strive for a more natural approach. 

For example, suppose you are building links for CRM (customer relationship management) software. In that case, you can use anchors like this to maintain diversity:

  • Customer relationship management
  • CRM software
  • CRM solution
  • CRM software solution
  • Best CRM solution

If you are building links for kitchen renovation contractors, you can use these anchors for example:

  • Kitchen Renovation cost
  • Kitchen renovation ideas
  • Remodel Kitchen 
  • Kitchen cabinet renovation
  • Contractor for kitchen renovation

To find the best alternatives for your main keyword, explore related keywords in Semrush or Ahrefs. Strive for high search volume in keywords, but pay more attention to those with lower keyword difficulty and those that make sense for your buyer intent. After all, some keywords will have a lot of search volume, but it will not make sense for your brand and your products. 

What are black hat niche edits?

Just as there are white hat niche edit technics that are as simple as creating outreach and asking website editors to add your backlink in existing content, there are also black hat techniques. 

Black hat niche edits are unsafe and usually connected with SAPE service. This service uses hackers that add backlinks to specific websites without the permission of their owners. 

So, people who work for SAPE service are hackers entering websites in your niche and adding your backlinks. This is against all Google rules, and if it gets noticed, it may cause a significant sanction for your business. As our previous blog posts about PBN networks mentioned, you must avoid those fast return tactics for link building. Those are most definitely highly risky, and these kinds of actions will eventually destroy your website.

Stick to the niche edits and guest posts to keep your website safe and maintain the rise of the domain rating and traffic without shortcuts. 

Niche edits vs Guest Posts

The main difference between guest posts and niche edits is the different states of blog posts on which links will be added. If you decide to create backlinks via a guest post strategy, you will get backlinks in new articles. Here are some of the most important pros of each technique.

Pros of guest posts:

  • You will be able to control the topic, and context around your backlink
  • You will be able to use the keyword your client wants to use
  • It will be promoted via emails and social media when published

Pros of niche edits:

  • The process is faster, as you don’t have to wait for the writer and editors
  • It is cheaper as you don’t have to pay for the content
  • You can pick posts that are performing well and already rank for specific keywords
  • You can sometimes get links on the same day you made a request

So, let’s elaborate on this. With guest posts, you will spend more time and money, as the process of writing the article is involved. When you post a backlink on a guest post, companies can use it as part of their email marketing campaigns. They might reshare it on their social media channels and bring their audience to your website without additional charges. 

However, you can never foresee the future and know what would be the promotional tactic for a particular article. How many people will see your new guest post and click on your link? That is not the case with niche edits. With this tactic, you can analyse different pages on the website and check how they are performing. When you understand which pages are the most interesting to readers, and when you compare data, you can get more traffic with niche edits than with guest posts. 

There is some excellent advice on picking the right page for your niche edit, so stick with us for a bit to learn that. 

How to get niche edit backlinks?

Niche edit backlinks are very important for your SEO profile, as they are effective and indexible, and they give you traffic from the desired audience. However, to ensure getting the best niche edit backlinks, you need to know how to pick the right websites for niche edits.

The best websites for your backlinks would be the ones that are speaking about the same topics as you are. But, some editors might see your pitch as irrelevant, as they will see you as competitors and dismiss your request. This is why you need to find more general websites or websites that are not your direct competitors but speak about things that your audience is interested in. 

For example, if you are selling yoga mats, you can send outreach to wellness and beauty-oriented websites. You can also find articles about wellbeing at the office and on websites that speak about business, but you need to be careful when finding the right article for your backlink. The topic needs to be relevant for your backlink, even if you don’t post your link on the most obvious website. 

You need to be careful not to go overboard with these ideas, as the best backlinks will be those created on websites related to physical exercise, yoga practice and sports.

When you find the right websites that have solid traffic and a domain rating that is preferably higher than yours, create personalised outreach and send it.

Here is my example of an outreach:

Namaste XYZ,

I am Angie from YogaMat team. 

I have read your article about the ten best yoga mats and noticed that you didn’t mention any sustainably made mats. 

You see, we have just published an article about these innovative yoga mats. They are great at reducing carbon footprint, and I think your audience would like to know more about them.

Btw, I am not sure if you are actively updating articles, but if you do, let me know. I can give you some suitable images and suggest anchor words, or write the whole paragraph about it.

No pressure.

Outreach tips for niche edits

  1. Language is important

When writing an outreach, it is very important to match the language to the language of the website you are writing to. I used Namaste as a well-known greeting in the yoga community, but if you are writing to other niches, you need to think about commonly used phrases and incorporate them in your outreach. Another very important thing when creating a niche edit outreach is to be short and concise in explaining what you want.

      2. Share your budget

If you have the budget for niche edits, it is perfectly fine to share the budget and ask the editor if that is something they would accept. Sometimes you can even ask how many niches edits you can get for your budget. This way, you might get more links than expected.

Pro tip: If you are working for an agency, you can mention that you are looking for a long-term collaboration and ask for a discount. This way, you will ensure secure backlinks for multiple clients with lower prices. 

     3. Be flexible

As much as it is important to make a request for your niche edit right away, be prepared to get rejected. In that case, tell the editor that you can make another suggestion and adjust your request so that both sides are okay with it.

What should I do after I send outreach?

After you send your personalised outreach, make a list of all websites you have contacted so that you can send a follow-up email after 5-7 days. If you are using an outreach tool, set up the whole sequence, and sit tight. It is essential to keep track of each interaction, as link building can be overwhelming when you are not well organised. 
If you are working with a tight budget, use the option to mark emails, so you can have simple reminders and groups in your inbox. You can mark those emails as: done, exchange, pending, rejected, overbudget etc. 

Screenshot from private archive

When you get your niche edit backlink, don’t forget about it. From time to time, you need to check if the link is still there. You can do that manually, or you can check by using SEO tools that can send you a notification when the link is lost or removed. 

Suppose you carefully track which websites are removing links after a certain period of time. In that case, you will be able to put them on the blocklist and avoid working with those in the future.

Who can use niche edits?

No matter your website’s phase, you can use niche edits to improve your domain rating and organic traffic. So if you have a totally new website, we suggest that you start working on creating informative blog posts that you will use in niche edits. 

You can also use niche edits if your website is a bit older and filled with content. The focus, in this case, would be on finding the best keywords to compete for and adjusting existing content.

Even if you have used different vendors for link building previously, you can start again and get back on track. In case they made some mistakes in the past with building links on some awful websites, your new team need to disavow those and start again.

What else should you consider when doing niche edits?

Niche edits can be an affordable and fast way to build links. Still, you need to stay away from scammers and avoid adding links without the consent of an editor. As we mentioned above, this is considered a black hat link building, and there are many ways to avoid this type of link building and preserve the health of your website.

Another thing that you need to keep an eye on is the fact that niche edits can be extremely helpful for improving your domain rating, but they are not the only thing that you need to focus your attention on. You also need to be mindful of your content strategy and work on guest posts. 

If you find it difficult to manage all those operations, or are even looking for white label SEO services to help you build niche edits whilst you focus on areas of marketing you’re best at, you can always hire an agency with loads of experience and an established link-building team.


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Warren Hill

Helping marketers and agency owners deliver quality SEO by outsourcing repetitive SEO tasks. Warren is an SEO specialist with over a decade of experience, and developed his business working for big brands in the UK and US. He aims to develop 10,000 new careers to great people in the Philippines.

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