What is Link Building

Link building is the popularity behind your website and this is the external links on other company’s websites pointing back to yours. Maybe you already have a lot of backlinks that you didn’t know about. This is sometimes good but can often be bad. Here is our explanation of a 
good link vs bad link.

What do we do?

We utilise the resources you already have, create new ones and attract additional links. We take great pride in where we resource our links and the quality in which we deliver them. There is different levels of link building and this depends on how many hours we are hired.

How many links do I get?

This is a big red herring in the SEO industry and is frightening to think how many SEO companies use this tactic.

Firstly it’s not the amount of links you have its the quality and this means that just one back link going to your site could have more affect than 20+ links.

We talk more about link building here.

Our resources

We have a full compendium of link resources including relationships with webmasters worldwide that can be beneficial to your link building process and have access to be able to build pages and articles on relevant websites in your industries for a easy supply of new links.

PR & Relationship Building

  • Have you ever been published in a local magazine of newspaper?
  • Is there something unique about your business we can promote?

We want to build your brand as well as building links and this involves creating relationships with companies locally and nationally that will not only publish your content but act as a reference point of partnering company.

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