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Try and remember that if you working with a professional SEO agency or company then communication is key. Remember that you are a team, on the same side that are trying to achieve the same goals.

Not informing us of any site changes, working with someone else or another company that is using a different strategy or goal will almost certainly not end up with the best results. The likeliness of a conflict is high with all parties probably refusing to take the blame leaving you in the worst possible situation

Full Access

Giving us full site access is also important, it means we aren’t restricted when we need to do something and can also lead to delay. Trusting us with your passwords is part of being a team. Remember that we don’t make changes without your consent and approval so we only ask the same.

What Will Help?

Doing certain things offsite, like blogging, social media marketing, paid directory listings and shared videos can all help, but again only if done harmoniously. Mostly, no harm can be done to the results we are trying to achieve and a lot of these can help. But if they are done incorrectly then they can harm. By working with us and informing us we will advise on best SEO practice.

All of this is part of the service provide that you are already paying for, so not taking advantage of that doesn’t make sense.. Every site is different and what worked for a friend or competitor might not work for you. Just always ask or inform us before you are about to do anything. Your site is like our site, we care and want the same success for it you do.

What Won’t Help

Acquiring back links, copying content and making large site changes will not help. Installing certain plug ins can be fatal to the optimisation. As can deleting pages, redirecting the domain and many many other things. The answer again is the same: just tell us before you do anything and we will advise what is best.

How Do I Get To Page 1? What gets me there

The golden question. Well, elsewhere we have already discovered what works, what doesn’t and how to do these things. So what if you think you have done all that yet your site still doesn’t generate good rankings, get little traffic and worst of all provide your business with little to no income?

Well, this is precisely what SEO agencies are here for. Being prepared to spend your marketing budget wisely, and being patient for the long term gains through good results is vital.

So What Does Google Like To See?

Google has long been touting “content is king”, so you would think that this would be key. Whilst having unique, regular, good quality, grammatically correct and optimised content is definitely a major factor, remember that without links you can’t rank. And neither could Google decide. Content only is somewhat a smokescreen by Google trying not to encourage you to just go link crazy (as previously discussed), which seems fair enough.

But also remember that if you don’t rank because you have no back link profile and just good content then you are likely to spend marketing funds on AdWords, which is giving your money to Google. So content is important, engaging content that hold people on the page which Google measures with your analytics is definitely a major factor. The big G also likes a well optimised site.This doesn’t have to be overdone, but getting the basics right and understanding what good SEO is, are major factors.

Accurate meta data, site maps and internal linking is all a factor that will boost and maximise your back link profiles ability to get you ranking.

It’s important to note this simple rule too: If something is good once, doing it a thousand times is probably bad. Google likes to see things happen naturally, so you can understand this logic. Once is what hat, one thousand times is black hat. SEO can definitely be overdone, and when it is it’s usually harmful.

How Seriously Do You Take Your Business and Your Site?

Willing to invest in the long term goal of generating new clients by being found by people who are actively searching for your services is obviously a valuable thing. Having the patience and budget to wait 3 to 6 months will then start seeing you generate a healthy ROI and easily start generating many times the cost of your SEO marketing budget.

If you are lucky enough to rank strongly with an aged site then it’s likely that you may need to do little or no SEO work at all. We will advise you on this. Not many agencies would ever admit that. But we value referrals, references and happy clients higher than we do profits. After all, don’t you operate the same way? We all know that businesses operating in the opposite way don’t last long.

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