Duplicated content Issues

Sometimes without realsing it you can be creating the same pages or articles on your website and also off your site. This will have a negative affect on your SEO and also dilute any reward that Google gives you for publishing the article in the first place.

So if it was that easy to copy content and punish your competitors wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Well in this case Google is smarter than you think.

Once a website has published New content for the first time it will be the first unique piece of content Google¬†has seen and indexed. So generally this means your article will be the first result you see when searching for your article. you can do this by simply coping and pasting the first, last or even middle section of your article and inserting “quotation marks”

So basicly if you are genuianly the first author of you article than everything after that is duplicated. Just make sure its not you who is the one creating the duplication. 

So what happens if someone copy’s my content?

Well there is certain copyright infringements you can set up to protect your content being stolen and it will act as a deterrent for the cheeky competitor who is trying to steal your article. It would also be beneficial to set up alerts on Google and other pieces of software so you can track what is being published.

How do we spot duplicate content?

During our technical audit we will manually go through site and scan every page to check for optimized content and to see if there is any pages that reflect each other in

a negative way and how much of that page is the same as the duplicate one (if any). Sometimes we have see entire duplicated websites and

this massively confuses google on which site is more important that the other and dilutes any relevancy.

Check our What is Content Marketing page for more information on what it takes to curate good content

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