How to use Dream Digital Data Miner

Our Dream Digital SEO experts team developed a Google Chrome plugin data miner tailored to your SEO data mining needs. It is user-friendly to navigate and ensures hassle-free, reliable data extraction online. 

Five steps on how to use Dream Digital miner

  • Open Google Chrome Extension

Search for “Dream Digital Data Scraper” and download the extension for FREE.

  • Pin it!

After successfully downloading it, it will go next to your browser extensions. Click ‘pin it’ for ease of access. 

  • Let’s go, scraping

Now, let’s begin your data mining. Open Google Chrome, and enter the keywords of your desired search. For example, “Link Building for Beginners.” There will be many results you will stumble upon online using this intent, and Dream Digital Scraper will grab the links and titles for you. 

  • Data Scraping

Once you have accessed the Dream Digital scraper plugin, enter the desired “no. of pages” you want to scrape, then click the “run button.” By clicking this, it will give you the results that you need hassle-free. Lastly, press the “copy to clipboard button” after the data has successfully loaded. 

  • Paste it!

Copy the information you retrieved from Dream Digital Data Scraper and paste it onto your campaign worksheet. It depends on your preference on where to paste the information generated from this search, but you can use ‘control + V’ for shortcuts. You may resort to repeating this action until you achieve the desired outcome for your campaign. 


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