How to start your digital journey

When starting your digital journey you should have a clear understanding of where your marketing is headed and what services your business needs to excel and generate traffic.
We usually undertake a form of paid discovery at the beginning of any project to roadmap your success which is outlined in a easy to read document showing you each step you need to take regardless of who helps you do it .

Discovery Process

The discovery process always starts with getting to know your business and industry by looking at what your industry leaders and competitors are doing and how we can do it better.This is massively important because by knowing who is currently ahead of you online will give you realistic expectations of how long and how much it will cost you to get there.

Whats Involved

We will look at your current status of your website in terms of traffic,conversions, usability and what approach is best for you and allocate a set amount of hours to help you achieve these goals whether it be technical SEO, Content writing, Website Development or even some consultancy time with our head SEO Consultant Warren Hill. We are here to provide honest feedback.

Getting Started

Our suggested approach if you’re a brighton based company is come and visit the team at our office in the North Laines. Or if you are a little bit out of reach from the Brighton area then we can arrange a skype conference as part of our one hour free consultation.

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