What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

This is something that is commonly overlooked in the beginning part of most SEO agencies sign up process.

As part of our SEO consultation, we will look at your site and give you constructive feedback on the design, navigation, functionality and popularity of your site

Maybe you are already receiving a 1,000 hits a month but the SEO agency that you are talking too have plans for working on getting new keywords to page one. This should not be the answer if you are already receiving traffic to your site you should look at converting what you already have to win new business.

Each and every page of your site should provide value and give easy to read informational content that your clients can learn from.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Are you already receiving traffic?
  • Does every page give the customer value
  • Does my site navigate to my sales line
  • Have I created the right call to actions?

Are you bored of hearing about Meta tags?

We are surrounded with SEO companies living in the past and talking about technical jargon that doesn’t give any value to you or your customers.

Instead they should be looking at the long term gain and using the foundations for you as a business owner and what you have already built up.

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