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We take the pain out of the outreach process by researching your niche, creating outreach templates, pitching bloggers, and securing links, so that you don’t have to. Benefit from our link building expertise and established relationships with a host of fantastic sites, to get your organisation featured on blogs with great traffic and high domain authority.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our blogger outreach service pricing, or read on to learn more about how to reach out to bloggers, to maximise your link acquisition potential.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Put simply, blogger outreach is the skill of ‘reaching-out’ to relevant webmasters to pitch them a link or content opportunity. It should be seen as an essential component of your link building activity, with its primary purpose to increase inbound links and traffic to your domain.

Link outreach comprises a number of sub skills that include data analysis, good communication, presentation skills and perseverance. 

It’s also one of the most ethically debated skills in online marketing because in many cases outreach and spam inhabit similar territory.

However, the art of doing it well elevates blogger outreach to something closer to online PR and it can provide massive benefits to any online brand.

Good outreach means content amplification, organic growth, and brand building at the root level. Let’s go!

Does Blogger Outreach Work?

The short answer is yes, blogger outreach works because it is amplifying content reach. It doesn’t matter how good any piece of content is, it won’t receive organic links and shares through sheer awesomeness. But introduce 1000 relevant webmasters, all with a pre-existing interest in that subject, to your new content and, lo and behold, some of them may reward you for it.

What’s the Best Blogger Outreach Strategy?

Create a Sensationally Good Linkable Asset

Given how competitive the web is these days you really don’t want to waste either your time or those of other webmasters by asking them for a link to something bad. If you’re not creating AWESOME content, you don’t have the right to ask someone for a link to it. Whether you’ve written a new article, conducted a survey with original data, or created a winning infographic that casts new light on a subject, these are the first steps of a good blogger outreach strategy.

Good linkable assets include:

  • Original data
  • Infographic that illustrates a key concept in a novel way
  • Calculators or free tools that fulfil a function
  • Expert roundup
  • Ebook or PDF
  • Resource page
  • Video
  • Studies & research

Scrape a list of Relevant Emails

Whether you use Google itself, or handy SEO tools like Ahrefs Content Explorer and Hunter.Io, you’ll need to patiently build a contact list of relevant webmasters. This is the most time consuming part of the process and will likely test your patience and coffee supplies to get done correctly. 

The basic task is to find the closest possible contact email for either the author of the article you’ve found, or the webmaster responsible for posting it. Since many websites take pains to hide their emails, you may need to use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to make contact.

So what makes a good link prospecting list:

  • Every target is appropriate to the subject of the pitch
  • Emails have been patiently researched, and first names discovered
  • The list doesn’t target websites which clearly don’t link to external websites
  • You’re not settling for an info@ address because you’re too lazy to dig deeper
  • You’ve excluded any sites you already have a link from, plus direct competitors

Use Proper Outreach Software

At scale, you just can’t manage an outreach campaign from your email inbox. You need the ability to upload several templates, CSV lists, and then have the system automatically push out the follow up emails if no reply has been made. There are multiple great tools out there specifically for this purpose so do your research, get a few trials, and find one that you can use effectively.

Professional link outreach software will help you

  • Import multiple emails which send at predefined intervals
  • Respond to emails from within the software
  • Include analytics for refinement and comparison of multiple campaigns
  • Work almost like a CRM for link outreach where you can mark each lead according to status
  • Collates live links with search metrics 

Get Creative with Your Blogger Outreach Templates

You can have great content and a great list but the template is the very moment of reaching out, the digital cold call, the instant you enter the psychological space of a stranger. So it better be good! Make it short, friendly, to-the-point, and ideally as far from generic as is humanly possible. Imagine you’re in the elevator with the employer of your dreams and you have one chance to get them to notice you. 

Get the Subject Line Right

The subject line is the cherry on the cake and it needs to be juicy! Experiment, bring your own flair to it, but don’t ever waste the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Experiment with your language, tone, energy and boldness.

You could be 

  • Humble: ‘“Any response would be appreciated”
  • Transparent “John from Epic Supplements here”
  • Clickbaity: “Your competitor does NOT want you using this”
  • Straight to the Point ‘Our Survey says 68% of supplements fail. Here’s Why”
  • Neutral “Making Contact”
  • Flattering – “Loved your article on weight loss”

Always include a prominent Unsubscribe button

It is now the law in most of the world to include an unsubscribe link. But more fundamentally, it is polite to allow a stranger with a life you can have no clue about to be removed from your attempts to promote a website. 

Send Three Outreach Attempts

Given how busy we all are these days, it’s no surprise to say that the first email template is rarely the most successful. Schedule a second and third attempt with short reminder emails and you’ll be surprised how effective these follow ups are in getting those precious links.

Nurture Blogger Relationships

While many webmasters will say no thank you that doesn’t mean the door is closed forever. Perhaps that bit of content wasn’t right for them? Perhaps they are open to some other form of collaboration. The tone of certain replies will show you where there are relationships to nurture. These may prove invaluable for the future, so take the time to communicate with those that reciprocate.

Say thank you

There will be a tiny percentage of webmasters who take the time to actually link to your asset. These really do deserve a warm note of thanks so don’t forget this part, or the next SEO who contacts them may be met with a more unfriendly response.

Blogger Outreach Email Templates

Let’s get a little more specific about our email templates. According to a Backinko case study, we shouldn’t expect more than 8.5% of emails to get any kind of response!

With this in mind we need to think hard about our communication skills, and especially about how much we really want this link.

So many SEO’s will spend time creating world class content, and then send out an email which has zero chance of success. 

Let’s begin with a real obvious example of a poor outreach template.

This email will get spammed the very moment it arrives. It’s impersonal, an obvious template, and it makes no effort to connect with the recipient on a human level.  In fact, the sheer hurriedness of this email just screams that the marketer has no clue about this process, because they are literally making every effort to fail.

So how can we offer a more professional approach? Well, the truth is there’s no one single approach because every situation is different. There is no one ‘template’ which is going to get you the success you need, but what we can demonstrate is a sample email that demonstrates thoughtfulness.

If we copy the guy above who sent out the spam template, let’s suppose we’re reaching out to promote something in the weight loss niche. 

Here’s the kind of approach we might suggest:

Let’s break that down a bit:

  • We’re writing to a real human being.
  • We’re putting her link in the article so she can easily reference what we’re talking about.
  • We’re explaining briefly but powerfully why our asset would be an improvement for her current article
  • We’re offering added value by branding it to her site
  • We’re offering her social media exposure as a second bonus

This approach is still going to see a high attrition rate because that’s the game of outreach. But it will see significantly better results than the former because we’ve thought deeply about it, done our research, and we’re offering real value in a number of ways.

Now put your thinking cap on and test some examples like this for your own campaigns.

What Tools do you Use in SEO outreach?

There are literally hundreds of tools intended to streamline the job of professional SEOs. Here are 8 of our favourites.

Summary: Blog Outreach is a Cyclical Process

For the working SEO, outreach is a continual process that simply cycles through new content assets. It is a fundamental part of life as a digital marketer, so it’s a skill you’ll need to perfect.

Combining communications, public relationships and link building, outreach can create a revenue stream based on organic traffic that delivers a fantastic ROI versus paid search.

To sell it to your client, you’ll need to explain to them that good outreach takes time, plus investment in world class content creation.

As an outreach specialist, you can use this skill to create long standing relationships, and build evergreen pages that get massive organic traffic over many years. 

That’s if you have the creativity and the patience. Good luck!

If you are looking for assistance with blogger outreach, or would like to compliment the existing marketing skills you provide to your clients by using white label SEO services, we’d love to talk.


Written by

Warren Hill

Helping marketers and agency owners deliver quality SEO by outsourcing repetitive SEO tasks. Warren is an SEO specialist with over a decade of experience, and developed his business working for big brands in the UK and US. He aims to develop 10,000 new careers to great people in the Philippines.

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